Anti-Racism Resources

American College of Physicians
COVID-19 Well-being Resources: Information for Internists.
These resources are meant to assist internists seeking to prepare and manage their response to COVID-19.

American Psychological Association
Building your resilience
We all face trauma, adversity and other stresses. Here’s a roadmap for adapting to life-changing situations, and emerging even stronger than before.

ARAG Legal Plan
UC offers the ARAG Legal plan, which gives staff and faculty access to a range of quality legal services.

Campus Recreation
Offers both informal and formal recreation opportunities, making it easy to keep fit, relax, have fun and meet your fitness goals.

Chaplaincy Services and Education
Provides spiritual, religious, and pastoral care and services to meet the needs of staff, faculty, students and visitors while conducting an interfaith professional training for ministry through ACPE.

Childcare Resources
Child Care Resources and subsidy programs.

Clinical Affairs
Works to advance patient quality and safety, performance improvement, supports the Medical Staff Administration, oversees clinical informatics and directs licensure and accreditation activities.

Ergonomics and Body Mechanics Program
Provides employees with ergonomic information, training and evaluations.

Faculty Development and Diversity
Programs to serve the professional and career development needs of faculty at all levels of the academician lifecycle (new recruit, early career, mid-career, senior and emeritus).

Healthy UC Davis
Healthy Campus Network- Making UC Davis the Healthiest Community in the Nation.

Joy of Medicine Program, Sacramento Sierra Valley Medical Society
Offers resilience consultations and groups, peer coaching and support, wellbeing podcasts and a resource library.

Medical Staff Wellbeing Committee
To support the health and wellness of our Medical Staff Members, and in so doing, protect patient welfare, improve patient care, and improve Medical Staff functioning:

National Academy of Medicine
Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience
Clinician well-being is essential for safe, high-quality patient care.

Office of the Ombuds
A confidential, independent, impartial, and informal problem-solving and conflict management resource for all members of the UCD and UCD Health campus communities.

Office of the Vice Chancellor
Oversees UC Davis Health’s academic, research, and clinical programs including the School of Medicine, the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, the 1,000-member physician practice group, and UC Davis Medical Center.

UC Davis Health & Wellness Courses
Alphabetical listing of all health and wellness course offerings at UCD Health.

UC Davis Health Academic Personnel
Helpful links for Faculty, Non-Faculty Academic Appointees, Administrators and Managers.

UC Davis Health ASAP Resources
Personal and professional issues that ASAP at UC Davis Health can assist with, as well as programs and links to helpful online resources.

UC Davis Health Resident Program
The resident program provides human resources support specifically for Resident Medical Staff at UC Davis Health.

Academic and Staff Assistance Program offers information and counseling services for wellbeing and emotional health.

UC Davis HR- ASAP Resources-Legal Services
List of legal resources available to UC Davis faculty and staff.

UC Davis HR- Career Counseling & Coaching
UC Davis employees are offered career coaching and counseling with a tailored approach to each individual.

UC Davis HR- Disability Management Services (DMS)
Disability Management Services provides assistance to staff, faculty, supervisors, and managers on all aspects of disability management, compliance and reasonable accommodations.

UC Davis HR-Financial Wellness
Financial Wellness is a state of wellbeing where an individual has achieved minimal financial stress, established a strong financial foundation, and created an ongoing plan to help reach future financial goals.

UC Davis HR- Learning & Development
Education is at the heart of UC Davis, not only for students, but also for employees. We don’t just want you to work for a higher education and research institution, we want you to experience it too.

UC Davis HR-Wellness Resources & Programs
Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth including physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational wellness.

UC Davis HR-Worklife Wellness
UCD supports faculty, staff, students and retirees in their pursuit of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

UC Davis HR- Leave/Time-Off
Leave/Time-Off Resources for Supervisors and Managers

UC Davis HR- Organizational Excellence
Organizational excellence. A catalyst for positive change.

UC Davis Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Mission: to create a climate of inclusion reflected in structures, policies and practices; the demographics of UCD Health Community; the attitudes and values of its members and leaders; and the quality of personal interactions.

UC Davis Organizational Excellence
Executive leadership coaching, senior leadership development, and leadership team coaching.

UC Davis Safety Services: Health and Wellbeing
List of staff and faculty health and wellbeing resources.

UC Davis School of Medicine Student Wellness
Office of Student Wellness in the UCD SOM created in 2009 to help our students achieve and maintain optimal and physical and emotional health:

UC Davis Staff and Faculty Health & Wellbeing Program
Mission: Develop, promote and support a thriving culture of health and well-being throughout the UC Davis community.

UC Learning Center
The UC Learning Center is the web-based learning management system (LMS) used across the University of California, for training and development.

UC Living Fit Forever Wellness Program
Sustainable fitness and wellness program for UCD Health and SOM employees, faculty, residents, medical and nursing students looking for a permanent lifestyle change:

UC Living Well
UC supports its community in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. UC Living Well comprises activities and resources found across our locations to help faculty, staff, and retirees reach their wellness goals:

Vice Chancellor’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Council
Provides recommendations to the Vice Chancellor to help assess, plan, develop, implement, improve, and refine efforts toward meaningful LGBTQ+ initiatives within UC Davis Health.

Women in Medicine and Health Sciences
UCD Health Women in Medicine and Science (WIMHS) is an alliance with Women in Medicine and Science in medical schools throughout the nation through its interactions with the AAMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS).