Program Purpose

Our mission is to support UC Davis Health's commitment to “improving lives and transforming health care.” We accomplish this goal by producing high quality, innovative educational opportunities that increase the knowledge, competence and performance of physicians and other health care professionals.

Our program is located within an academic health system, making us uniquely qualified to support and influence the continuum of educational activities for all health care professionals. We're proud to use a broad range of educational delivery methods and technology-enabled modalities.

Educational Content Areas

Book with apple and stethoscope.Our comprehensive educational activities are designed for anyone in the health care arena, from medical students and faculty to practicing physicians and nurses. Activities aim to fill professional practice gaps identified through ongoing needs assessments. This allows us to create courses that increase a learner's medical knowledge and competence, helping them improve their clinical skills and performance.

Interprofessional partners are encouraged to collaborate on content development to support medical teams. ACGME, ABMS and other interprofessional competencies are incorporated where appropriate.

Program Audience

We're proud to be one of the primary providers of continuing medical education for Northern California. Our content is designed to address professional practice gaps of identified specialties and/or the interprofessional health care team. This team includes physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, dietitians, and others as appropriate for the scope of practice addressed in the educational activity.

Special attention is given to the unique needs of physicians working in remote and rural parts of California. The reputation of UC Davis Health faculty, their research and their knowledge, attracts a national and international audience. In recognition of the continuum of medical education and its relationship to lifelong learning, students and trainees are welcomed at our continuing medical educational activities.

Educational Activities

Our educational activities are offered in a variety of formats, including:

  • Live courses focusing on a particular topic or public health issue.
  • Regularly Scheduled Series such as grand rounds, case conferences, tumor boards, and morbidity and mortality activities.
  • Educational interventions conducted as part of quality or performance improvement.
  • Interprofessional education across UC Davis Health.
  • Professional skill-building conferences.
  • Maintenance of Certification and Maintenance of License.
  • Online courses and other web-based activities.

Expected Program Results

All continuing medical education activities are designed to address the knowledge, skills and/or attitudes of our targeted learners for improved competence, performance in practice and improved outcomes. Both qualitative and quantitative measurements are used to evaluate effectiveness. Outcome data results in continuous improvement across our educational programs.