Translating an Idea into Continuing Medical Education

Looking to translate an idea into a UC Davis Health continuing medical education program? Consider these areas and questions as you compose your program submission.

Download the Guidelines Checklist (PDF) »

  • Is the program being designed for a multidisciplinary clinical audience, with physicians from UC Davis Health or from our affiliate sites as part of the learner group?
  • If the program is being developed for our affiliates, has a needs assessment been performed of their educational needs? 
  • Please include integration of cultural and linguistic competency into the content.
  • Will the program impact more than one specialty or subspecialty area?
  • Will the program address a broad-reaching topic such as one of the following?
    Use of Health Data for Improved Care     Quality Improvement
    Population Health Issues Technical and Procedural Skill Optimization
    Student Engagement/Transition to Practice     Research and Scholarship in Continuing Medical Education
    Communication Optimization Innovation in Continuing Medical Education
  • Will the program be developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals across more than one specialty (including engagement with the Office of Continuing Medical Education)?
  • Does the planning team include a student?
  • Does the planning team include a faculty member that is a student?
  • Will the program include one or more innovative teaching methods in addition to, or other than, lecture-based/didactic sessions (e.g., online interactive learning, simulation, blend, etc.)?
  • Will the program include support strategies for the learner such as supplemental checklists, patient education materials, website resources, follow-up surveys, guidance, etc.?
  • What assistance is needed in the design and development of your program to meet the learning objectives/desired outcomes?
  • What evaluation methods will be used to provide individual and formative feedback?
  • What type of periodic analysis will be performed to assess the effectiveness of the educational strategies imparted post-program?