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Train the Trainer: Primary Care Pain Management Fellowship

Health professionals are confronted with pain and its management every day. However, pain management receives little attention in medical, nursing and other professional schools. The Train the Trainer: Primary Care Pain Management Fellowship directly addresses this education gap and seeks to change how pain is addressed by health providers and educators, as well as how to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic.

Train the Trainer cohort, September 2019 (c) UC Davis Health. All Rights Reserved.Train the Trainer Fellowship cohort in September 2019.

Course directors Scott Fishman, M.D. and David Copenhaver, M.D., M.P.H. designed this 10-month, virtual fellowship program with busy clinicians in mind. Participants continue to work in their practice while receiving training, mentorship and resources needed to become expert clinicians in primary care and pain management. Utilizing a train-the-trainer model, participants also learn how to educate their primary care colleagues on the latest practice methods.

Participants gain knowledge and skills to serve as a resource for safe opioid prescribing and pain management in their clinic. By training at least one trainer within each health center or system, the Train the Trainer: Primary Care Pain Management Fellowship expands the workforce of primary care providers with comprehensive pain management skills. By equipping providers with the tools to effectively and safely treat pain, the Train the Trainer Fellowship reduces less than optimal pain management and positively impacts the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Train the Trainer cohort, May 2020 (c) UC Davis Health. All rights reserved.Train the Trainer meeting in May 2020, transitioned to a virtual format to accommodate social distancing.

Upon completing the fellowship, participants reported feeling more confident and compassionate when caring for patients with pain. Past cohorts have demonstrated improved and sustained performance in pain competencies and increased recognition and understanding of pain and related topics.

Certifying this fellowship for CME credit ensures high quality educational opportunities based on best practices and evidence. Participants strengthen their comprehensive pain management skills through clinical-based learning, and supplement an essential topic in medical practice that may not have been covered through undergraduate medical education alone.