Emergency Numbers

  • 9-1-1 (medical center landlines only)
  • UC Davis Police Department: 734-2555

Call (916) 734-3666

  • Blue: Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest
    • Summon help while staying with person if possible
    • Begin CPR
    • Continue until assistance arrives and takes over
  • ‘C': Emergency C-Section
  • Green: Internal or External Disaster
  • Pink: Newborn Emergency Event
  • Rainbow: Infant/Child Abduction
    • If an infant or child is reported missing
      • Step into corridors,
      • Observe for individuals carrying packages, and
      • Prevent visitors from leaving the facility.
  • White: Hazardous Material/Chemical Spill
    • Secure the area- keep unauthorized persons out
    • Evacuate immediate area, if necessary
    • Summon help. Alert AN-II or Charge Nurse
    • Refer to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for information about spill cleanup.
    • Fire Safety with a Code Red
    • Remain in your area unless instructed by hospital staff or fire department to go elsewhere. Do not use the elevators. If there is smoke-filled hallways or rooms, crawl on hands and knees and cover mouth/nose with a wet cloth. Use caution when opening doors. Always touch the door and do not open if it is hot.
  • Red: Fire


  • Rescue anyone in immediate danger
  • Alarm: pull alarm, know & call the hospital emergency number
  • Contain fire, close doors & windows
  • Extinguish or Evacuate as students are expected to assist staff with evacuation of patients.

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