Studies that must be entered into OnCore:

  • All studies that are investigating a drug or device
  • All studies which require items or services that result in any charges of billing components to patients
  • All studies that include the use of a UC Davis Health clinical service, regardless of therapeutic intent, including those purely diagnostic in nature (including lab services)

Example: Randomized Study of the efficacy and safety of an experimental contraceptive as compared to a routine contraceptive

Studies that are optional to be entered into OnCore:

  • Prospective Observational Studies (non-intervention)
  • Studies that do not result in billing to patients but have charges for salaries,

Example: The prospective observation of a cohort with earlobe creases to evaluate whether an increased rate of cardiovascular disease is present compared to a cohort without the trait

Studies that are not recommended to be entered into OnCore:

  • Epidemiological studies
  • Health Services Research studies that do not involve an intervention

Example: A migraine study that uses surveys requiring the use of Epic functionality to identify patients and send them questionnaires through MyChart