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In Partnership With the Local Community

Oak Park Mural

We have invested funds to develop partnerships with local community-based organizations to address job and food insecurity in underserved communities such as undocumented, immigrant, low income and senior citizens. Additional routes for impact investment include donations to local non-profit organizations, debt financing, equity investment, and fund-invested capital.

  • California Tower

    Tapping local vendors and suppliers for materials, California Tower will bring an economic boost to the Sacramento area. Once completed, its state-of-the-art facilities on the Stockton Boulevard corridor will permanently employ clinical professionals and skilled employees alike. New programs for job training for the local community is planned as part of this construction – UC Davis Health has already added 1,500 mostly union jobs in just the last three years and is committed to making sure those employment benefits clearly extend to local applicants.

  • Aggie Square Community Benefits Partnership Agreement (CBPA)

    The Aggie Square Community Benefits Partnership Agrement (CBPA) is an agreement among UC Davis, Wexford Science and Technology, and the City in response to input from the community over the past three years. The CBPA includes commitments for providing jobs and job training, affordable housing, better transportation options, youth education programs and other benefits for local residents and communities of interest, especially those who have not historically benefited from economic development.

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Community Engagement Strategy

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  • Alchemist CDC

    Alchemist CDC connects Sacramento area communities to land, food, and opportunity toward a vision in which all neighborhoods are vibrant, equitable, healthy, and diverse.

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  • Sacramento County Health Center

    We work closely with the Sacramento County Health Center to support a food prescription program that gives needy families a gift card to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

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  • Neighborworks

    Neighborworks offers services to low to moderate potential and current homeowners in Sacramento.

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  • Center for Fathers and Families

    Center for Fathers and Families offers programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment, and empowerment.

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  • Los Rios College District

    Los Rios College District is a local anchor institution working with our office to build local health career pipelines.

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