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Working to Increase the Economic Vitality of Our Local Communities and Region

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The Office for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has aligned with the following high profile initiatives that are working toward increase the economic vitality of our local communities and region. Health systems nationwide spend $342 billion on goods and services annually, but less than 2 percent of that is directed at locally, minority, or women-owned businesses. Shifting this spend is a powerful way we can improve community health by addressing racial and economic inequities.

Connecting Existing Local and Diverse Vendors to Contracting Opportunities

Building Capacity

Building up the ability of the local business community to meet supply chain needs:

  • Grow supplier diversity outreach and programs – Virtual Diverse Vendor Fair.
  • Build capacity and knowledge of local business community.
  • Strengthen relationship with local chambers of commerce.
  • UC Small and Diverse Business Advisory Council.

UC Davis Health Farm to Fork Hospital procurement program has invested nearly $1 million in regional food procurement, increasing the hospital’s proportion of food from local vendors from 16.5% in 2016 to 40% in 2019.

Aggie Square will house business partners and community-based programs with UC Davis innovation and research to create a stronger and healthier shared community. Aggie Square will create a unique live/learn/work/play environment to foster collaboration and new public spaces with welcoming, accessible entry points that connects the university with its neighboring communities.