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Resident Life, Wellness, and Resources

Our residents are unionized, and the following information applies to all residents at UC Davis Health

UC Davis Housestaff Compensation Plan - Academic Year 2023-2024

The terms of this compensation package are outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between the University of California and the UC Davis Housestaff.

The collective bargaining agreement covers all UC Davis Health physician residents and clinical fellows, except for those who are employed by the US military.


The following salary table is effective July 1, 2023.

PGY Level Annual Monthly
1 $78,882.08 $6,573.51
2 $81,256.86 $6,771.40
3 $84,164.93 $7,013.74
Stipend Annual value Available to How/when paid
Meal money $2,440 All Housestaff Front loaded at the beginning of the year
Education fund $1,000 All Housestaff Reimbursement for trainee cost
CA medical License Actual cost All Housestaff Reimbursement for trainee cost
Step/COMLEX 3 exams Actual cost All Housestaff Reimbursement for trainee cost
Relocation $1,100 New Hires One time money paid on 1st or 2nd paycheck

Five family medicine residents smile and laugh in front of a broken gingerbread house.
A large group of family medicine residents, some wearing holiday sweaters, smile around a holiday tree.
Three women, family medicine residents, smile in front of a gingerbread house.

Education funds are available for:

  • Safety / Medical Equipment
  • Conference / Presentation Costs
  • Personal Devices (Computer / Tablet / Mobile Phone)
  • Academic Societies
  • Board Fees
  • Specialty Exam Fees
  • Q Banks / Study Materials
  • Scrubs
  • Licenses and Certifications

For information about institutional policy on personal leave, download this PDF.

In addition to these institutional resources, our department provides residents with:

  • Four half days off for wellness per academic year
  • Introduction to mental health services during orientation to ensure ease of contact if needed subsequently
  • Financial support for national conference presentations, away rotations, and professional development activities
  • Funded annual class retreats