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How to register patients

The Class schedule is released every 6 months and can be located on our website or the Clinical Resource Center chronic disease page.  There are 3 ways patients may be registered for our educational classes.

Clinic Staff

Any staff member in your clinic can schedule a patient for a class and no referral is needed. Your staff can follow the steps below to schedule a patient into any of our classes:

  • Once in the appointment desk to make an appointment, change your department to the desired Health Management and Education (HME) location. Online classes will be at "HME Virtual".
  • If for HME Virtual:
  • The Visit Type (Specialty List) will be the name of the class 
    The Provider shows locations available
  • Make sure Auto search is selected, then select Search
  • You can also unselect Auto search and scroll through the calendar to see available options

Send a Referral to HME

  • Send an order with the class or service name as the order. HME staff will then outreach to the patient to schedule.
  • All Health Management and Education classes will populate under the Health Management and Education Class Panel, this will pull up when you search by any class name or synonym. When the order comes up, select the appropriate category, then the class or classes you wish to select.
  • Referrals for classes such as for diabetes, hypertension and RN Individual will prompt for specific values such as A1C goal, blood pressure goal, etc.

Patient can schedule via MyUCDavisHealth

  • Go to Make an Appointment
  • Then Health and Wellness Classes
  • Select the category of interest
  • Select the class 

Contact HME at 916-734-0718 or

Registered participants will be sent an appointment reminder prior to their session. The appointment will also show up in MyUCDavisHealth if the patient is active.