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Health education information

We offer classes to all UC Davis Health patients on a variety of topics such as diabetes, heart health, tobacco cessation, weight management, pain, wellness and more. Our classes are led by nurses, dietitians, psychologists and health educators. Classes are held in-person and virtually. These classes are also open to all UC Davis staff members and retirees. We encourage you to review class offerings on our website.

Classes are offered at different times to accommodate many different schedules, including nights and weekends.

  • In-person classes available at most primary care clinics. Classes are 2 hours long.
  • Virtual classes are available through Webex or call-in by phone. Virtual sessions are 75 minutes.  

We also offer individual appointments to UC Davis Health Patients only and do require a physician referral. Services include:

Promotional materials and team training presentations 

We have many promotional materials available to help explain Health Management and Education (HME) offerings to your patients. These include brochures, booklets, and posters for your exam rooms and waiting areas. Please complete an HME supply order form and we will send them to your clinic for free!

We offer Team Training Presentations where our team attends an upcoming staff meeting and shares what HME has to offer and how we can support your practitioners and patients. Please email for inquiries.

Clinic Champion programs

Clinic Champions help promote HME free classes and services and are a strong advocate for patients to learn self-management skills. Unsure if your clinic has a Champion? email to find out. If you’re interested in becoming one, please view this flyer and apply.

Audit a class

Interested in observing a class? We welcome any staff member to audit a Class. To register as an auditor, email and state you would like to audit as a staff member.

Sending referrals

Watch this video to learn more about HME, how to send a referral and how to schedule an appointment.

The Class schedule is released every 6 months and can be located on our website or the Clinical Resource Center chronic disease page.  There are 3 ways patients may be registered for our educational classes.

Clinic Staff

Any staff member in your clinic can schedule a patient for a class and no referral is needed. Your staff can follow the steps below to schedule a patient into any of our classes:

  • Once in the appointment desk to make an appointment, change your department to the desired Health Management and Education (HME) location. Online classes will be at "HME Virtual".
  • If for HME Virtual:
  • The Visit Type (Specialty List) will be the name of the class 
    The Provider shows locations available
  • Make sure Auto search is selected, then select Search
  • You can also unselect Auto search and scroll through the calendar to see available options

Send a Referral to HME

  • Send an order with the class or service name as the order. HME staff will then outreach to the patient to schedule.
  • All Health Management and Education classes will populate under the Health Management and Education Class Panel, this will pull up when you search by any class name or synonym. When the order comes up, select the appropriate category, then the class or classes you wish to select.
  • Referrals for classes such as for diabetes, hypertension and RN Individual will prompt for specific values such as A1C goal, blood pressure goal, etc.

Patient can schedule via MyUCDavisHealth

  • Go to Make an Appointment
  • Then Health and Wellness Classes
  • Select the category of interest
  • Select the class 

Contact HME at 916-734-0718 or

Registered participants will be sent an appointment reminder prior to their session. The appointment will also show up in MyUCDavisHealth if the patient is active.

  • If a class template is full, please do not overbook the class. Call 916-734-0718 or add patients to EMR wait list.
  • Patients are encouraged to bring one support person to classes, except for Living Light Living Well and Strategies for Healthy Living.
  • For Living Light Living Well and Strategies for Healthy Living, schedule interested patients into an orientation session. HME will request a physician referral if needed.
  • Staff can "audit" a class to gain a better understanding of what we offer or to learn themselves. Use test patient MRN 2191014 or 8265987 and in the appointment notes, "UCD Employee, name". No more than 2 auditors per class.

To place an order for Tobacco Cessation Consult and Education:

  1. Open an encounter for your patient you wish to place the referral for.
  2. Click on the "Add Order" button on the bottom left.
  3. When the search bar opens, you can type in tobacco, smoke, quit, or a variety of synonyms.
  4. The Search box will appear, click on the Tobacco Cessation Consult and Education option.
  5. Then click accept.
  6. If other health education classes are desired in addition to this referral, you can instead use the Health Management and Education Class Panel to order everything at once.
  7. On the lower right, you can select the order to fill out the clinical indication or any other notes and click Accept.
  8. All clinical staff, including Medical Assistants, Health Educators, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, and more can sign this order without a physician's signature by clicking on Sign Order on the bottom right.
  9. This video shows how to place this order step by step.

Once signed, the referral will be routed to our department, and we will reach out to the patient to evaluate and offer services, including counseling by a trained Nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, cessation medication options and pending orders, the CA Smoker's Helpline text program, in-person and virtual classes and support groups.

When submitting this order, please let the patient know, "Our tobacco team will contact you for help to stop tobacco."

Providers can check the Referral tab for order updates.