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Quit Tobacco Program – How to Register

To place an order for Tobacco Cessation Consult and Education:

  1. Open an encounter for your patient you wish to place the referral for.
  2. Click on the "Add Order" button on the bottom left.
  3. When the search bar opens, you can type in tobacco, smoke, quit, or a variety of synonyms.
  4. The Search box will appear, click on the Tobacco Cessation Consult and Education option.
  5. Then click accept.
  6. If other health education classes are desired in addition to this referral, you can instead use the Health Management and Education Class Panel to order everything at once.
  7. On the lower right, you can select the order to fill out the clinical indication or any other notes and click Accept.
  8. All clinical staff, including Medical Assistants, Health Educators, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, and more can sign this order without a physician's signature by clicking on Sign Order on the bottom right.
  9. This video shows how to place this order step by step.

Once signed, the referral will be routed to our department, and we will reach out to the patient to evaluate and offer services, including counseling by a trained Nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, cessation medication options and pending orders, the CA Smoker's Helpline text program, in-person and virtual classes and support groups.

When submitting this order, please let the patient know, "Our tobacco team will contact you for help to stop tobacco."

Providers can check the Referral tab for order updates.