Mini Medical School

2023 class schedule

Our 2023 program has concluded. Stay tuned for our 2024 schedule coming this fall.

Healthy Aging: Best Practices

How addressing medication, mentation, mobility, and what matters can promote healthy aging

  • February 4, 9–11:30 am PST

    Medications: What you need and what you don't

    • Why older adults inspire us
      UC Davis Health Leadership
    • Drug costs and how to choose medications
      Janeane Giannini, PharmD, N.C.A.C.P.
    • Preventing prescribing cascades: avoiding a mountain of medicine
      Florence Tan, PharmD, B.C.P.S., B.C.G.P.
  • February 11, 9–11:30 am PST

    Mentation and Multi-complexity: Protecting our brains, protecting our bodies

    • Dental-related issues for older adults
      William John Love, DDS
    • Hearing health as we age
      Robert J. Ivory, Au.D.
    • The biology of aging: how the 5 senses change
      Kathryn Sexson, Ph.D., A.P.R.N., F.N.P.-B.C.
  • February 18, 9–11:30 am PST

    Mobility: Movement is Medicine

    • Falls and prevention
      Jennifer Rubin, Injury Prevention Specialist
    • What Happens in the Emergency Department – and How to Get Better Faster
      Katren R. Tyler, MD
    • Fit after 50: Joint Health Treatments and Prevention Strategies
      Brandee L. Waite, MD
  • February 25, 9–11:30 am PST 

    What Matters Most to You: Taking Control of Your Choices

    • Long term housing and services for aging in place
      Heather M. Young, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N
    • Wellness across the lifespan
      Faculty TBD: hosted by the UCDH Office of Wellness Education
    • Deciding "what matters" throughout life and as we age
      Nathan Fairman, MD, M.P.H.