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Specializing in care for those over 65

Geriatric specialty care

Multispecialty care available through referral or upon entry to Emergency Department

A doctor speaking with a patient.

Aging requires a coordinated approach with many perspectives and multiple specialists. At UC Davis Health, our geriatric experts are available for primary and specialty care, in outpatient clinics and inpatient units.

  • Healthy Aging Clinic

    The Healthy Aging Clinic serves patients ages 65 and older and their caregivers. We provide integrated specialty clinical care and services that can lead to better quality of life and make it easier to live independently.

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  • Mobility Care

    Mobility care assesses and reduces fall risk factors to ensure safe and independent mobility in older adults.

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  • Dementia Care Program

    Advanced practice providers work with primary care providers and specialists to develop a care plan that addresses the medical management of dementia and the behavioral and social challenges of dementia. 

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  • California Alzheimer's Disease Center (CADC)

    The UC Davis California Alzheimer’s Diseases Center (CADC) is part of a statewide network of ten university based dementia care Centers of Excellence. The CADC aims to improve dementia health care delivery, provides specialized training and education to health care professionals and advances the diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

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  • Age-friendly Emergency Department

    All older adults deserve safe, high-quality health care that is based on what matters most to them as individuals. To achieve that goal, the UC Davis Medical Center Emergency Department has been designated an Age-Friendly Health System.

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