Dementia Care Program

The Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program supports people with dementia and their family caregivers. Advanced practice providers work with primary care providers and/or specialists (e.g., neurologist, geriatrician) to develop a care plan that addresses the medical management of dementia and the behavioral and social challenges that come with dementia. Program features include:

  • Cognitive assessment and care planning
  • Nursing care management with proactive outreach
  • Support during transitions of care and in long-term care facilities
  • Care coordination with primary care and specialty teams
  • Referrals to services (e.g., neurocognitive testing with neuropsychology)
  • Resources to community-based organizations
  • Education and counseling to family caregivers on nonpharmacological strategies to manage behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

UC Davis Health patients need a referral from a UC Davis Health physician or provider for these services. The clinic accepts referrals for patients ages 65 and older with selected insurance payors, including Medi-Cal GMC plans. To find out which insurance plans are accepted, please contact us.