UC Davis Health takes the CA Clean Air Day pledge

Green Commuter Program encourages you to take the pledge, too


Easy actions, small investments, or plan ahead for major clean air commitments – which one will you choose for California Clean Air Day?

UC Davis Health has taken the pledge and is encouraging you to do so too!

By taking the pledge, our organization is part of an effort improve the air quality in our region. We are doing this by hosting a learning event on Clean Air Day, sharing information about our Green Commuter Program transportation options, and encouraging individual employees to participate.

How can you participate?

Take an easy action such as riding the bus, carpooling, or composting your food. Level up by making a small investment such as changing your home’s air filter, planting a tree, or buying local produce. Or plan ahead to make an even bigger impact, like installing solar panels, replacing gas-powered appliances and eating no meat for at least one day per week.

See all the CA Clean Air Day Pledge options by clicking here.

Sustainability Officer Sarah Janus spearheads the Green Commuter Program, which highlights UC Davis Health’s sustainable transportation options.

“California Clean Air Day helps remind us that each one of us can take steps in our day-to-day lives that can have a positive impact on our regional air quality,” Janus said.

Be sure to stop by Green Commuter Program’s table event to learn more about sustainability. Get your bike registered, receive a fiiting for a bike helmet and learn more about the Elk Grove Express Bus. The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on October 4, at the Medical Education Building Breezeway.

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