Part of your care team

Doctor and patientAmbulatory Case Management is a dynamic program offered by UC Davis Health that identifies patient challenges and provides telephonic support to those with chronic conditions who need additional help as they manage their health at home. The program connects patients with the services and resources needed to help manage their overall health. Through Ambulatory Case Management, organized care is provided to the patients of UC Davis Health by developing partnerships between the patient and their health care team.

How does Ambulatory Case Management work? 
Through doctor referrals our intake coordinators review patients health history and assign them to a Case Manager. Based on the patients needs a Case Manager will provide telephonic support, motivation, and resources to meet health care goals. Our multi disciplinary team strives to improve the patient experience by assisting individuals with sustainable lifestyle changes.

woman on the phoneProgram Benefits

The program offers you access to your Case Manager over the phone. Your Case Manager will:

  • Provide coaching and support for your efforts to manage your health and wellness
  • Help coordinate your care after an unexpected illness or hospitalization
  • Connect you to health-care resources to help you stay well
  • Ease transitions between hospital and home
  • Offer consultation to address medication, dietary or mental health concerns
  • Answer your health questions
  • Connect you with community programs and services
  • Help you keep track of your care
  • Promote health education