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    Quit Tobacco Classes and Resources

HME offers a variety of workshops, classes and support programs to educate and empower you to quit tobacco and meet your tobacco-free goal. Our program, led by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and supported by our health education team, is developed with the understanding that quitting tobacco is difficult and help and guidance are required to quit and successfully stay quit. 

SToP is a series that provides strategies to quit tobacco and includes a quit date. The program focuses on medications that aid in quitting tobacco; understanding and breaking the addiction cycle, preventing relapse, coping mechanisms, and developing self-management skills.

Strategies to Quit Workshop reviews basic information about tobacco addiction, the addiction cycle, medications, and developing self-management skills to overcome tobacco addiction.

support group

Smoke Free Support group offers reinforcement and support. A variety of topics are presented, and discussion is facilitated by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist or Health Educator.


Tobacco Treatment Specialist provides expert personal assessment and counseling to assist you with quitting tobacco by facilitating medication options and resources to support you through the process. 

Kick it California is a free telephone or text quitline that offers counseling to quit tobacco in different languages. Our team can place a referral or you can call 1-800-300-8086 or text “UCD” to 66819.