person on mobile device Have you quit tobacco and need more support?

Join a monthly drop-in, in-person support group to get the reinforcement you desire. A variety of topics are presented, and discussion is facilitated by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist or Health Educator.

No registration required for drop-in in-person groups. Call in option available, call our office at 916-734-0718 to have conference call information emailed to you.

"After 40 years as a smoker, I was liberated by the UC Davis STOP Tobacco Program.  They made me believe it was possible to overcome this addiction and provided education, tools and support.  They integrated seamlessly with my doctor to provide medicine and nicotine replacement therapies.  I never would have imagined at the start of 2019 that going into 2020, I would be  215 days smoke free and counting!  Thanks to ongoing monthly support group, I know I'll never go back to smoking!  Thank you to the Tobacco team at UC Davis."

Smoke Free Support Group meeting times