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Healthcare Decisions and Living Wills is a class about completing an Advance Care Plan - often called a living will, in the event that you cannot voice your specific wishes or decisions. Led by our Registered Nurses, the class provides facts and explains your options; and walks you through the completion of the necessary forms. Advance Care Planning helps patients and families to feel more prepared, and more in control, when health takes a turn for the worse.

If you do not have an Advance Care Plan on file, or you need to update yours, this class is a great place to start.

Good Class. Information will be used. In process of setting up "Living Trust." This class helped with end of life issues. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding the facts
  • Understanding the various forms
  • What are your medical options?
  • How to properly document your preference
  • What is a healthcare agent and how do I select one?
  • How do I start a conversation about my wishes?
  • When to update forms

Healthcare Decisions and Living Wills class schedule