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    Wellness Classes and Resources

We offer a variety of wellness classes to help you live your best life possible. Many of our wellness classes provide you with ideas on how to prevent chronic conditions, develop self-management skills, or leading an active lifestyle. From learning how to complete your Advance Healthcare Directive Forms, to stress reduction, we have the class for you.

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Strategies for Healthy Living is a series that provides insightful approaches to managing a chronic health condition from behavior and lifestyle changes to identifying barriers and learning to overcome challenges.


Healthcare Decisions and Living Wills is a class about completing an Advance Care Plan - often called a living will, in the event that you cannot voice your specific wishes or decisions. The class explains the process, your options, and walks you through the completion of the necessary forms

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Living Healthy with Chronic Pain addresses chronic pain management through discussion and education, lifestyle changes and development of self-management skills so pain can be managed more effectively on a day to day basis.


Matter of Balance is a multi-session program designed to improve balance to prevent and manage falls as well as increase activity levels.

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Eating For health covers topics including budget-friendly meal planning, basic meal preparation techniques, shopping tips, food label reading and food safety guidelines. (Appropriate for all health conditions.)

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Preventing Diabetes Living Healthy provides information on risk factors and lifestyle changes including nutrition, physical activity, and weight management to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes.

Let's Get Moving is a movement class focusing on easy to moderate exercises. Ideal for people that are overweight, maintaining weight, with chronic conditions or looking for more ways to start or increase physical activity.  Support persons are not allowed.

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The Stress management workshop includes discussion of the causes and effects of stress, as well as practice in calming breathing exercises, mind-quieting meditation techniques, and gentle body movements and stretches that help reduce stress.