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Leadership Education

Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities

Application Process

We are no longer accepting most applications for the 2024-2025 training year.

The 2025-2026 LEND application will open in February of 2025. If you have questions, please email hs-lend@ucdavis.edu.
NOTE: LEND Speech Language Clinical Fellowship is still open for applications- the due date is May 27, 2024. See details below.

Open Applications

Closed Applications

  • Psychology-Research / LEND Postdoctoral Fellowship (1 position available - 50% Research/50% LEND) - UC Davis MIND Institute, Psychology Research / Northern California Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Program.
  • LEND Long-Term, Medium & Advanced-medium
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 positions available - 75% Clinical Psychology/25% LEND) -UC Davis MIND Institute Psychology Training (APPIC Member Program) / Northern California Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Program:

For additional information on application status, interview dates, and final selection, please contact hs-lend@ucdavis.edu.

How to apply

Training those from underrepresented groups, including non-professional family members and persons with disabilities, is a very high priority. Graduate or post-graduate participants, family members, and self-advocates are welcome to apply. Long-term trainees (Trainees completing at least 300 hours in the trainee year) will be accepted only from the following disciplines: clinical or school psychology, social work, child psychiatry, pediatrics, speech/language pathology, physical therapy, education including special education, genetics, public health, and nursing.

Benefits to being a LEND trainee

There are many benefits to being a LEND trainee including:

  • Opportunity to participate in a state of the art clinical and community training experience with one-to-one faculty mentoring
  • Unique chance to learn with a group of students from other disciplines
  • Stipend payment (for some trainees)
  • Focused training on leadership skills and competencies, including opportunities in advocacy
  • Training in evidence-based practices and family-centered and culturally-sensitive care for underserved children and families in underrepresented communities

Appointment and Stipend

Financial stipends are available to support up to nine long-term trainees, including fulltime trainees. Additional long-term trainees will be considered who meet all criteria and do not require a stipend. Medium-term trainees, including Advanced Medium-term trainees, will not receive stipends.

Application Process

After applications have been submitted, they will be reviewed by the LEND faculty team. Applicants meeting initial requirements will be contacted for a semi-structured interview with one or more faculty members. The discipline director will review applicant credentials and/or experience and interview the applicant. Final decisions will be communicated to the applicant via email.