Virtual Reality Attention Management | UC Davis MIND Institute

Virtual Reality Attention Management

We are actively recruiting young children and teenagers (ages 8-13) with ADHD to participate in the VRAM Study. Our intervention uses a virtual reality environment to repeatedly train resistance to common distractors (e.g. clock ticking or peers talking).

If you decide to participate in this study, your child will be asked to complete about 25 virtual reality training sessions (20-30 min each) at home over 5-7 weeks. Virtual reality equipment will be provided by the research team. In addition, you will be asked to come to the MIND Institute for 3 - 4 testing sessions (1-2 pre-, mid-, and 1 post-training), each 1-2 hours long. You may be asked to complete an additional screening visit before you can do your pre-testing and begin training. During testing sessions at the UC Davis MIND Institute, you may do some or all of the following research activities:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Video Taping
  • Testing
  • Rating Scales and Questionnaires

If you have questions, or would like to participate, please contact the research team:

Juan F Ramos
Study Coordinator
2825 50th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817
PI: Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D.