mom and baby handsThe Baby Steps Clinic, or High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic (HRIF), at the UC Davis MIND Institute is a developmental screening program for children from birth to 3 years old. The HRIF clinic provides follow-up care to infants who are at risk for neurodevelopmental delays, including premature infants, infants with low birth weight, and infants with a range of neurological and/or cardiovascular conditions.

This clinic helps to identify delays in developmental milestones. We know that early identification of development challenges improves long term outcomes for children.

The goal of HRIF is to help families identify challenges early and to provide recommendations or referrals that assist NICU graduates with growth and development. A team of psychologists, social workers, developmental pediatricians, and neonatologists provide support to families and help identify their child’s strengths and needs.

Our team will partner with you to:

  • Schedule developmental assessments at 9 months, 18 months, and 30 months
  • Monitor social, motor, physical, cognitive, and language development
  • Learn new activities to help your child grow and learn
  • Schedule developmental assessments at 9 months, 18 months, and 30 months
  • Identify additional resources and supports for your family

Referral process

  1. The discharging NICU/Hospital will refer eligible infants to the HRIF Program at the time of discharge. The NICU will create a transfer record in CPQCC-HRIF database.
  2. NICU/PCP should submit a Service Authorization Request (SAR) to the appropriate county CCS office. If the infant has commercial insurance, CCS application should be given to the caregiver to complete and return to their local CCS County office.
  3. Submit an electronic referral for the MIND Institute in the UC Davis Physician Referral Center, including a copy of the NICU discharge summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infants under 3 years that meet California Children’s Services (CCS) HRIF medical eligibility criteria. Medical criteria can be found here.

The discharging NICU/Hospital will refer eligible infants to the HRIF Program at the time of discharge to home. Primary Care Providers can also refer if the infant meets the medical eligibility criteria by completing the referral process.

Yes. Once CCS is in place, they will be the payor of last resort, preventing the family from incurring in out-of-pocket expenses for the visit. There is no income eligibility requirement for HRIF, children qualify based on the medical guidelines established for HRIF.

The Baby Steps Clinic is located at the UC Davis MIND Institute, 2825 50th St., Sacramento, CA 95817.

Patients are scheduled for their visits based on their adjusted age, up until 3 years of age. Visits are scheduled at approximately 9, 18 and 30 months of age.

HRIF is voluntary and separate from the therapies received from local Early Intervention programs. The visits do not replace regular pediatrician visits.

The visit consists of a play-based developmental evaluation and/or caregiver developmental history and a medical exam. The length of visit varies depending on the needs of the child and family, usually 1.5-2hrs.

Make sure your child is well-fed and well-rested before their appointment. This may mean adjusting meal and nap times the day of the appointment. There will be no medical procedures at this visit. Since these appointments can be long, it is helpful to bring preferred snacks and beverages. All toys and objects needed for the developmental testing will be provided.  

No. The Baby Steps Clinic provides medical consultation but does not provide direct medical care. The Baby Steps Clinic does not offer vaccinations, lab testing, or prescribe medications. Baby Steps providers can make recommendations to your child's pediatrician for additional referrals or treatments if needed.

Your After-Visit Summary will contain the results of the testing and related recommendations. You will be given a copy at the end of your visit. If you are connected to MyUCDavisHealth, you will be able to see the After Visit Summary there as well.

We have limited virtual appointments for this clinic. Due to the unique needs of Baby Steps patients, not all children are eligible for virtual appointments. Please let us know your preference at the time of scheduling and we will try to accommodate.

Contact us:

Baby Steps High Risk Infant Clinic
UC Davis MIND Institute
2825 50th St., Sacramento, CA 95817
Fax: 916-703-7941