What should I bring to the appointment?

  • Completed New Patient Questionnaire (PDF), if not mailed/faxed ahead of time
  • Insurance card
  • Any medical records you have
  • Pictures of you/your child when you/they were younger

What should I expect on the day of the appointment?

Who will I be meeting with?

  • You will be meeting with a genetic counselor and/or medical geneticist. The genetics providers will be asking questions about you/your child's medical history and family history. Please be prepared to answer questions about your/your child's mother's and father's side of the family, if available. Please bring with you information about you/your child's other medical providers (provider names, specialty, and contact information) so that we can contact them if we have questions, and send them a copy of our report.

How long will the appointment take?

  • Genetic counseling appointments usually take about one hour. Appointments with medical geneticists may take up to two hours due to the thorough nature of a genetics evaluation. During the appointment there may be times when you will be waiting in the room while the team discusses your history and researches possible diagnoses or testing options.

Will I/my child have genetic testing?

  • Sometimes a blood draw is recommended for genetic or other laboratory testing. Testing may not be necessary for some individuals. Prior insurance authorization is necessary in many instances before proceeding with testing. Therefore, once our evaluation is completed, authorization is typically facilitated by our team or by the patient's primary care physician with our report as supportive documentation.

Will I receive a copy of the report?

  • A copy of the genetics evaluation report will be sent to you, your/your child's primary care provider, and sometimes other providers. The report will include a summary of the items discussed in clinic, including our impression, genetic counseling, and recommendations.

Commonly Asked Questions

New Patient Questionnaire:

  • Please complete the New Patient Questionnaire (PDF) and return it at least 1 week prior to your appointment by either fax or mail. This will allow us to spend more time during the appointment answering your questions and concerns. Answer the questions as completely as you can.


  • If there have been any changes, updates, or additions to current insurance policies/plans, please contact our clinic staff as soon as possible at 916-703-0300. Because of the complexity of our visits, it can take some time to verify eligibility and obtain the necessary authorizations to prevent any patients from receiving bills/statements in error.

Demographic information:

  • Please contact our clinic staff at 916-703-0300 if you have a change in address or contact information.


  • Should an appointment need to be cancelled or re-scheduled, please contact our office as soon as possible at 916-703-0300 so that we can offer the appointment to another patient. Please know that if you need to re-schedule, it may be a few months before the next available appointment.


  • We try to accommodate parking and have a small number of designated patient parking spaces at no charge with a valid patient pass. This will be sent to you once an appointment has been scheduled.


  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the appointment to allow for parking, check-in, collection of co-pays, etc.