The UC Davis MIND Institute is dedicated to providing education outreach to parents, patients, educators, and the community. We also offer innovative research, training seminars, lecture, and interdisciplinary training for students, researchers, and clinicians.

The UC Davis MIND Institute’s Distinguished Lecturer Series are public lectures by nationally and internationally-recognized researchers in neurodevelopmental disabilities.  These monthly presentations (October - May) are intended for both specialists and community members.  All lectures are free and open to the public and no reservations are necessary.

This two-year training program merges the behavioral and biological sciences in the context of an interdisciplinary, autism-focused research program. The training program is organized around a set of core competencies that involves multiple areas of autism-related knowledge ranging from human genetics, to neuroanatomy, to clinical diagnosis. 

The UC Davis Redwood SEED (Supported Education to Elevate Diversity) Scholars Program is a first-of-its-kind inclusive college program for students with intellectual disabilities in the state of California. Students in the program have an opportunity to live on campus, engage in social activities and organizations, take college classes and pursue an internship or job. The UC Davis Redwood SEED (Supported Education to Elevate Diversity) Scholars Program is a collaborative effort between the UC Davis MIND Institute and the UC Davis campus' Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The UC Davis MIND Institute and Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities have collaborated to bring you comprehensive resources relating to neurodevelopmental disorders and other conditions.
The information online and in the Resource Center  is helpful to parents, professionals, and the community.  If you can't find it here, we also offer assistance in locating helpful resources for your specific needs.