Brain tissue distribution

Tissue collected by CENE is shared with any researcher around the world who demonstrates an institutional affiliation, professional degree and basic expertise in the use of postmortem tissue research with legitimate research objectives. Our goal is to distribute tissue free of cost (except for shipping), as funding allows. Researchers are asked for a document briefly describing the project that requires the use of the requested human tissue. This document is reviewed by the tissue distribution committee comprised by node members, and if approved, that is the case of the majority of applications, the researchers are asked to specify the type and quantity of tissue required. The type of tissue provided includes fresh frozen and fixed tissue. Fresh frozen tissue is provided in small amounts for genetic and protein analysis, fixed tissue is normally provided in precut slices attached to a slide. Slices are generally 14mm thick and cut in cryostat or 50mm thick cut in a freezing microtome. However, if the researcher needs tissue blocks for any methodological reason, fixed tissue is also provided in blocks. If the slices are already cut, the whole process should take less than 1-2 weeks. If the slices need to be cut, the process could take longer.

Tissue Request Form