You may be eligible to participate!

male participantFamilies with children who participated in the CHARGE study can join ReCHARGE if the child:

  • Is between 8 and 19 years of age by 2023
  • Able to come to the UC Davis MIND Institute

What are the benefits of participation?

  • You will receive results of your child’s developmental and behavioral testing
  • You will receive information and resources on ways to create a healthy environment for children
  • You may find satisfaction in contributing to research that speaks to help children with learning, social skills, behaviors, and mood disorders

What will my child and I be asked to do?

  • Attend a clinic visit at the MIND Institute that includes one or both parents and your child. Trained clinicians or study staff will conduct developmental and behavioral assessments of your child. Study staff will provide you and your child with questionnaires and surveys to fill out.
  • Provide biological samples (blood, hair, urine, saliva).
  • Participate in a structured telephone interview that will last approximately 1 hour. The coordinator will schedule your telephone interview on a day and time that is convenient for you. The interviewer will send written materials in advance to help you prepare for the interview. The interview contains questions about your health history, your child’s health history, places you have worked, products you used in your home, etc...
  • Complete self-administrative questionnaires at home before and after the clinic visit. You will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires about your child’s behavior, diet, personal care and cleaning product use, places you and your child have lived etc... The time it takes to complete the questionnaires varies, approximately 2.5 hours.

For more information see our brochure (PDF), Spanish brochure (PDF), or visit the ECHO website.