Study Updates

Baby Teeth Study

If you previously participated in the CHARGE Study when your child was between the ages of 2 and 5 years, you could participate in our new study! We are asking for baby teeth your child has lost. It will take no more than 10 minutes to prepare the teeth in a provided container and answer a few questions about the tooth. We will ask you to mail us up to eight (8) baby teeth that your child has lost.

We will use new laboratory technology to measure small amounts of substances in the baby teeth. In addition, we will connect these measurements to information that was collected during your participation in the CHARGE Study.

Grandparent Study

Are you a grandparent of a child that participated in CHARGE and/or ReCHARGE or would your child’s grandparents be interested in participating in a short study? We are interested in further genetics research among family members, specifically grandparents. Participation includes a saliva sample and a phone interview with questions about your family, pregnancy, and lifestyle history.

Puberty Study

We are now enrolling girls ages 8–13 years for a new study. The pre-teen and teen years are critical developmental periods, with teenagers being more often diagnosed with behavioral health issues including depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. These conditions are more prevalent in females than males during puberty; changes in specific hormones maybe the cause of the sex differences in differing behavior. This study will enroll girls ages 8–13 years old and follow them for 3 years. Their hormone levels, puberty status, sleep patterns, and behavioral health questionnaires will be evaluated at each time point. These assessments will be used to correlate hormones with puberty status, and signs or symptoms of depression and anxiety.