Dr. Barbara Neyhart, MDDr. Barbara Neyhart, M.D. – Board Certified in Geriatrics; Director of the Mini Medical School Program.

Welcome to the companion website of UC Davis Health's acclaimed educational program to teach the marvels of healthy aging.

Since 2002, UC Davis has opened the doors of its School of Medicine each February to give an opportunity to attend classes focused on normal human aging and avoidance of the diseases we associate with aging. Classes are taught by top academic physicians and scientists, and instruction is at the level of a first or second year medical student.

Although the program is ideally geared for the foresighted middle ager and novice senior, there are no age limits for Mini Medical School. "Students" have ranged from their twenties to nineties, and have included curious younger individuals and vigorous older adults. The common bond is a passion for understanding the science of aging well.