Clinical Experience

Our residency program provides a broad exposure to patient care across the spectrum of neurological disorders while serving a demographically diverse patient population in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. Our graduates are well prepared to enter careers in both academic and community medicine and are competitive candidates for subspecialty clinical or neuroscience fellowships.

We offer eight categorical resident positions yearly. Trainees enter at the PGY-1 level and complete a first-year internship with the Department of Internal Medicine. In PGY-2, they transition to the Neurology Department to complete the next three years of training. Our program includes eighteen months of clinical adult neurology, six months of outpatient patient neurology, three months of child neurology, and one month of psychiatry as required by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Residents will attend their own weekly half-day continuity clinic that is staffed by core clinical teaching faculty and visiting faculty.  

The program is structured to provide each resident with flexibility during their third and final training year. Residents can individualize their experience based on academic and career interests.

Academic Year At-a-Glance

The academic year contains 12 rotation blocks per year with full or ½ block rotations (24 – 30 days per block). Each resident has 20 vacation days annually which can be taken in 1- or 2-week blocks and 4 educational days per year.

block schedule

Outpatient Rotations

We have over 50 highly skilled clinical teaching faculty who cover the spectrum of neurological subspecialties in adult and pediatric neurology. Our faculty is dedicated to providing high-quality patient care and educating the next generation of neurologists. We have created six complimentary specialty clinics modules for residents to rotate through to optimize their outpatient experience.  

clinic diagram

Example schedule for outpatient rotation: 

outpatient rotation schedule

Specialty Clinics and Electives:

As residents start to consider future career options, they look to craft their individual experience to align with career goals. Our flexible schedule allows residents to choose from a variety of electives and attend specialty clinics based on personalized interest.

Specialty clinics and electives

Inpatient Rotations

Vascular Neurology Team

The vascular team is a consult and primary service for all vascular neurology patients. The team is comprised of either one senior resident (PGY4) and two junior residents (PGY2s) or one vascular fellow and two junior residents (PGY3 and PGY2) and a supervising vascular attending physician. We also have psychiatry, internal medicine, and students rotate on our service. The team cares for vascular patients in the intensive care with the support of our Neurocritical Care Team and in telemetry units. They see all acute stroke codes activations and vascular patients in consultation or on our primary service throughout the hospital.

General Neurology Team

The general neurology team is a consult and primary service for all non-vascular general neurology patients. The team is comprised of one senior resident (PGY3 or 4), one junior residents (PGY1 or 2), and a supervising attending physician. We also have psychiatry, internal medicine and students rotate on our service. The team cares for all non-vascular general neurology patients throughout the hospital and accepts ICU patients being downgraded from the NeuroICU who have been care for by our Neurocritical Care Team.

Pediatric Consult Team

The pediatric consult team is a consult service for all patients less that 18 years old with a neurologic concern. The team is comprised of 1 – 2 residents (PGY2-4) and a supervising pediatric neurologist. The teams evaluate patients throughout the ED and hospital.

Night float

Our night float system consists of one PGY2 or 3 resident and is on call overnight inhouse. The resident sees all new consults and covers the in-patient ward service. The ward senior and supervising attending provide support and backup from home overnight.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

We have a four-bed epilepsy monitoring unit with weekly admissions for characterization of seizures and for surgical planning. One resident (PGY2-4) and epilepsy fellow cover the EMU service under the supervision of the attending epileptologist. The team provide primary management responsibilities for EMU patients and interpret both routine and continuous EEG recordings throughout the day.

Neurocritical Care

We have a 10-bed Neuroscience ICU shared between Neurosurgery and Neurology. Patients are co-managed with a multidisciplinary approach under the care of primary services (Neurosurgery and Neurology) and the NCC service. Our residents spend two independent months on a dedicated Neurocritical Care rotation under the supervision of a neurocritical care supervising attending physician.