The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program is among the UC Davis Health clinics that have launched an Integrated Service Line. For epilepsy and seizure disorder patients like you, that means you’ll have access to a patient navigator who will be available to guide you and answer questions about the various diagnostic and treatment processes that you may encounter.

Right after you schedule an appointment with the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, our patient navigator will be available to help make sure that you have all the appropriate records, tests and lab results you’ll need before your appointment. That will help avoid delays and will enable your doctor to make more timely decisions about any tests that you may need.

You can ask our patient navigator to check into your insurance eligibility, help verify authorization from your medical insurer, and help coordinate scheduling of any tests and appointments with clinicians. The navigator will remain available throughout your journey as you and your clinical team pursue solutions to your seizures and other symptoms. The navigator also helps coordinate various procedures for patients who enroll in clinical trials.

Rest assured that our Integrated Service Line personal navigator will guide you throughout your epilepsy treatment journey

Your Treatment Journey

Our goal for you: freedom from seizures

Your journey in determining and treating your epilepsy or other seizure disorder will start with evaluation by an epileptologist — a neurologist who has gained expertise through specialized training in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy. Your epileptologist will order whatever diagnostic testing is needed to make an accurate and thorough assessment of the causes for your seizures or other symptoms.

Initial testing may encompass Phase I scalp EEG (electroencephalogram) monitoring, magnetic resonance imaging and neuropsychological testing to determine which medical treatments or epilepsy surgeries will result in the best outcome for you.

Our comprehensive lifespan approach

The UC Davis Health Comprehensive Epilepsy program uses a comprehensive lifespan approach in caring for our epilepsy patients. We offer a wide range of treatment options, notably advanced surgical techniques that offer the potential of cure for patients whose symptoms are not controlled by anti-seizure medications. We encapsulate all aspects of your life to create an in-depth care plan, from psychiatric to social to neurobehavioral to provide lifetime advanced-level care and effective management of your epilepsy or other seizure disorder, in childhood, adolescence and throughout adulthood.

Your Comprehensive Epilepsy Program patient navigator will be available to answer your questions and guide you on this journey, the ultimate goal of which is freedom from seizures.