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    Child Neurology Residency Program

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    Child Neurology Residency Program

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    Child Neurology Residency Program

The Child Neurology Residency Program at UC Davis is a specialized interdisciplinary program that combines training within the Department of Pediatrics and the Department of Neurology into a 5-year ACGME (Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education) accredited program in Child Neurology. Graduates of our program will be eligible to sit for the following board certification: The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, with special qualifications in Child Neurology.

During the Fall 2024, we will be interviewing for two residents to start in July 2025 for their PGY-1 year in the combined 5 year Pediatrics/Child Neurology program.


To train competent and confident practitioners in both acute and outpatient settings in the field of Child Neurology with a focus on equity in healthcare delivery, preparation for autonomous practice in both academic and community settings, and lifelong learning and research for the advancement of patient care over the spectrum of child neurological disorders. 


The goals of the Child Neurology residency at the University of California at Davis are: 

  • To prepare residents for the independent practice of clinical child neurology within both academic and community settings. 
  • To prepare residents to pursue further training in a clinical subspecialty fellowship or academic research. 
  • To develop competence and confidence in patient care over the spectrum of child neurological disorders in both acute and outpatient settings while serving a demographically diverse patient population. 
  • To instill attributes of professionalism and communication skills to flourish in an interprofessional environment and become successful leaders in the field. 
  • To acquire the skills necessary to develop resiliency and maintain personal balance and well-being. 
  • To promote an environment of inquiry and lifelong learning in order to become future mentors. 


The Program aims to train Child Neurology residents who will:  

  • Provide high-quality, evidence-based neurologic care of children and adolescents, over the spectrum of child neurology disorders, in various clinical settings (emergency, inpatient, and outpatient). 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in care of patients, both in-person and by telemedicine/virtually. 
  • Exemplify interdisciplinary communication in order to deliver effective multidisciplinary care in coordination with other specialties. 
  • Critically review and assimilate current evidence in the care of neurologic conditions to optimize patient care and become experts in the management of common and rare conditions. 
  • Develop professional careers, mentorship, and become leaders in academic and community medicine. 

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