UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program welcomes referrals

Physicians may easily refer patients to the UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program for advanced treatment. We work closely with referring physicians to ensure thorough communication and timely evaluation of their patients. Our patient navigators and support staff members are dedicated to helping patients obtain world-class care in a timely fashion. By choosing the UC Davis for treatment of their patients with complex epileptic conditions or seizure disorders, providers can feel confident in our expertise and commitment to help improve the quality of life of patients.

For physicians

How to refer a patient to the UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

UC Davis primary care physicians typically obtain authorizations before making referrals using our Epic electronic health records system. Physicians from other health care systems and independent practices may initiate referrals through the UC Davis Health referral center, at which point medical records are attached and the referral is routed to the Department of Neurology to evaluate appropriateness and urgency and to obtain or verify authorization.

Referring physicians who wish to request UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program services for their patients can use our electronic referral platform on the web.

Please submit a completed referral form with a clear diagnosis and CPT code, front and back images of all of the patient’s insurance cards, authorization from the patient’s insurance provider, and any completed lab reports, images, medical reports and medical notes from the past 30 days.

Please visit our outpatient referrals page to learn more. 

Patient appointments

How to make an appointment with the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

You can be evaluated and treated for epilepsy or other seizure disorders in the UC Davis Comprehensive Epilepsy Program if your doctor has referred you to us, or on your own if your health insurance plan gives you that flexibility.

You will need an authorized referral from your primary care physician or neurologist in order for us to schedule an appointment for you. We will need access to your medical records in order to direct you to the appropriate provider. We typically respond to patient requests for appointments within three to five business days.