The UC Davis Neurological Surgery Residency Program is committed to accepting the highest quality candidates irrespective of gender, race, or ethnicity. UC Davis is a center of excellence supporting scholarship and efforts supporting cultural sensitivity in the workplace. Our residents are exposed to institute-wide educational and scholarship opportunities that promote and support gender and cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Visit the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for more information. 

We will actively work to attract and recruit applicants from diverse backgrounds, including traditionally underrepresented groups, to enhance the diversity among neurology trainees to better represent and meet the needs of the population we serve. We will complete a holistic review of applications, recognizing that access to different clinical, research, extracurricular, work, and other experiences vary significantly.

In 2025, UC Davis will be a partner with multiple institutions to offer a Summer Research Scholarship in Neurosurgery for Medical Students.The initiative aims to welcome medical students who have overcome adversity to pursue their education and are currently between their first and second year. These students should demonstrate a keen interest in neurosurgery as a career path but may have limited access to mentorship in this field. Ultimately, the program aims to foster a more inclusive neurosurgical workforce by engaging talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine through a partnership across multiple institutions. Click here, for more information on how to apply.