Drooping of the skin around the eyebrows can create a tired, sad appearance. A brow lift can correct this condition and lessen the appearance of excess skin of the upper eyelids. Dr. Sykes helped pioneer new video-assisted technology that allows this procedure to be performed with a few small incisions. The endoscopic brow lift technique is less invasive and creates less swelling and bruising, with minimal complications. Endoscopic brow lift is often performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the entire orbital and eyelid region.

The Surgery

The main difference among the various options for forehead lifting consists of the placement of the incision.

The newest approach we incorporate is endoscopic surgery. Several small one-half-inch to one-inch incisions are placed just behind the hairline. Although this technique may require more surgery time, it is less invasive and results in a smaller chance of temporary scalp numbness.

The procedure takes between one and two hours to perform. It is most likely performed under IV sedation or twilight anesthesia.

Post Surgery

You will experience a certain amount of swelling and bruising in the 10-day period following surgery. In some patients, this condition may include the cheek and eye area as well as the forehead. You will be advised to keep your head elevated in order to reduce swelling. Cold compresses may further reduce swelling. As the incisions heal, you may experience some numbness as well as itching, both of which will diminish with time. The sutures are usually removed within 7 to 10 days following surgery. If bandages have been used, they are removed in one to three days. It is important to follow instructions of when to resume normal activities. For most patients, the recovery time will not exceed two weeks, but patients may still be advised to avoid strenuous activities for longer periods. Any prolonged bruising can be camouflaged with standard make-up techniques.

Insurance does not generally cover surgery that is purely for cosmetic reasons.