Dysphagia therapy with a Speech-Language Pathologist is often recommended to assess and treat a wide variety of swallowing problems. Conditions associated with dysphagia can include cancer to the head and neck, progressive neurological disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke, central nervous system disorders and more. The Speech-Language Pathologist instructs their patient on maneuvers, adaptations, compensatory strategies, and exercises to help ensure a more efficient and safe swallowing mechanism. This type of therapy involves an extensive amount of counseling and our Speech-Language Pathologists are dedicated to each patient and their understanding of their own personal condition. The UC Davis Swallow for Life programs aims to promote safe swallowing along the continuum of a patient’s disease or disorder. The tenants of the Swallow for Life program include strategies for meticulous oral hygiene, pulmonary clearance and monitoring one’s own pulmonary health. Our team at UC Davis is determined to provide the most productive dysphagia therapy, and are personally invested in our patient’s care, quality of life, and swallowing success.