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Community Health and Advocacy


To increase residents’ understanding of adverse childhood experiences and social determinants of health and provide them with tools to address health inequities though their clinical practice.

Residents have the opportunity to participate in a media and legislative advocacy elective throughout their residency to learn more about how to advocate for children.

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Dr. Lena van der List in front of mic for a podcast.


Year 1: All first-year residents complete a required 4-week Community Health and Advocacy (CHA) rotation longitudinally during Y-weeks. Each week residents will participate in the following learning activities:

  • Readings, Podcasts & Videos
  • Community Meetings & Events
  • Team Discussions
  • Applied Learning Activities
  • Weekly Reflections
  • Present CHA Morning Report

Years 2 and 3: Residents may choose to design a CHA focused scholarly project. Residents will work with faculty and a community partner to plan, implement and evaluate a community-based project.

Residents will extend the lessons learned during CHA through the longitudinal CHAANJE LIVES curriculum. They may also choose to participate in the media and legislative advocacy elective.

Resident and mentor display her scholarly community project at resident conference.
Pritha Multani, M.D. and Anna Lepkowski, M.D. (2023) volunteer with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.
Residents and faculty lineup for photo at Capital Advocacy Day.
Left: Pritha Multani, M.D. and Anna Lepkowski, M.D. (2023) volunteer with Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.
Right: Residents and mentors line up for photo at Advocacy Day.
  • Director: Lisa Rasmussen, M.D.

    Dr. Rasmussen’s research and academic interests include providing quality training for the next generation of pediatricians and connecting with community organizations to improve health outcomes for children and their families.

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  • Maura R. Reilly, Ph.D., M.P.H.

    Community Engagement: Maura R. Reilly, Ph.D., M.P.H.

    Pediatrics Administrative Assistant IV

  • Faculty Champion: Dean Blumberg, M.D.

    We live in an age where there are tremendous opportunities to keep children healthy by preventing infections.  I aim to work with children and their parents to optimize health.  When an infection is suspected or occurs, I partner with the parents and the child to ensure that appropriate diagnosis and treatment ensues.

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  • Faculty Champion: Lena van der List, D.O.

    As a pediatrician I strive to build strong and lasting relationships with children and their families from birth to eighteen. I believe that pediatric health care is comprised of physical, developmental and emotional wellness and I will work to ensure a multi-modal approach to caring for your child. I work to provide timely, accurate pediatric health information to families both in and out of the exam room. For this reason, I am actively engaged in using media as an education tool and have created Kids Considered, a childrens health podcast, for parents to have immediate access to timely pediatric health topics. 

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