Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy, Pharm.D., BCOP
Co-Chair, Residency Mentoring Program

Rebecca Hluhanich

Rebecca Hluhanich, Pharm.D.
Co-Chair, Residency Mentoring Program


The UCDH Pharmacy Resident Mentorship Program is a unique pharmacy resident support program that aims to assist each resident in developing their own skills, strategies, and capabilities as a practicing pharmacist through the guidance of a faculty mentor. The mentor will enable their mentee to tackle the next hurdle more effectively with or without the mentor’s presence and to support the following:

  1. Empower the mentee
  2. Enable the mentee to find their own way through a situation
  3. Be a sounding board
  4. Offer information
  5. Provide access to knowledge, situations or networks
  6. Question or challenge when appropriate


UCDH Pharmacy Resident Mentorship Program
Mentors and residents meet and greet

Our program strives to provide residents with a personalized and professional residency experience. It is our hope to enhance this experience through the relationship between the mentor and mentee.  The program will focus on helping the resident foster effective time management, accurate self-assessments, and demonstration of responsibility and commitment to assigned tasks and the profession. Throughout the year, each mentor and mentee pair will meet in person or through telecommunications to plan and develop personalized schedules, assess goals and deadlines, exchange constructive feedback on various deliverables and mentorship, share personal residency and career experiences, and participate in various activities together to develop professional and personal skills.

Mentor Selection

Each PGY1 and PGY2 resident will be thoughtfully paired with a residency trained pharmacist. Participation in the mentor program is voluntary, which ensures each pharmacist is dedicated to resident development and mentorship. The mentor will serve as a dedicated resource whom the resident can seek guidance from, other than their RPD and other UCDH staff. Each mentor is charged to leverage each mentee’s personal strengths, experiences and networks to guide the resident both personally and professionally through the requirements for successful completion of their residency program.

Pharmacy Residency Mentorship Program
2020-2021 Resident-Mentor Assignments

2020-2021 Program



PGY1 Acute Care

Dwayne Walker Jr.

Jin Lee

Emily Hsu

Sierra Young

Tommy Lam

Matt Serna

Mia Lim

Brittany Newton

Albert Yang

Alex Park

Tricia Nguyen

Jennifer Curello

Colleen McCann

Jenn Murphy

Jasmeet Singh

David Dakwa

Pulkit Jain

Aaron Steele

PGY1 Ambulatory Care

Dakota Hiner

Shannan Takhar

Katrina Marquez

Hana Camarillo

Andy Nguyen

Samson Lee

Kathie Tran

Becky Hluhanich

Mursal Habidzadah

Yi Shi

Sheena Chokshi

Trisha Lalapet

PGY1 Ambulatory Care HIV

Austin Green

Michele Yu

Cynthia Li

Becks Wittenberg

PGY2 Peds

Selena Warminski

Ryan Beechinor


Helen Berhane

Robyn Stoianovici

Jason Chao

Mark Canevari

PGY2 Oncology

Amber Tang

Pam Mendoza

Frank Oley Jr.

Josh Roberts

Jenny Tran

Nikki Clayton

PGY2 Critical Care

Carolyn Hua

Kendra Schomer

Jessica Falksen

Jenn Murphy

PGY2 Cardiology

Sutton Watson

Annie Cabri

PGY2 Pain

Stephanos Gozali

Heather Martin

PGY2 Ambulatory Care

Noelle Nelson

Erin Hammai Tom

PGY2 Medication Safety

Domini Hood

Bo Liu