Tiffany Pon

Tiffany Pon, PharmD, BCPS 
Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine 
Associate Professor 
UCSF School of Pharmacy   

Yvette Hellier

Yvette Hellier, PharmD, BCACP 
Clinical Pharmacist, Cardiovascular Specialty Clinic 
Assistant Professor, WOS 
UCSF School of Pharmacy 


The UCDH Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program (STLP) aims to prepare residents to become effective clinician-educators through development of a wide set of skills, including precepting, didactic teaching, small group teaching, assessment, interprofessional education, and public outreach.  


  1. Effectively and efficiently execute preceptor roles when teaching students
  2. Provide effective medication and practice-related education to patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, students, and the public
  3. Develop and practice a philosophy of teaching
  4. Evolve teaching practices through ongoing reflection and solicitation of feedback  

Program Requirements:

  • Monthly Teaching Workshops
    • Attend interactive seminars focused on building clinical teaching skills, creating positive learning climates, developing teaching philosophies, designing rotation experiences, and more
  • Experiential Education
    • Precept/Co-precept IPPE and APPE students on rotation
  • Didactic Teaching
    • Develop and deliver a traditional didactic lecture (target audience may include student pharmacists, interprofessional healthcare providers, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians)
    • Provide a one-hour continuing pharmacist education (CPE) session
    • Provide health education to interprofessional healthcare providers
  • Small Group Teaching
    • Facilitate small-group learning through participation in a variety of activities:
    • UCSF Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) 
    • UCSF Applied Patient Care Skills Lab sessions
    • UCSF Critical Reflection sessions and Wellness Conferences
    • UCDH SPLICE activities
    • APPE student orientation activities (e.g. anticoagulation training)
  • Public Education/Outreach
    • Provide health education to the public through community outreach events
  • Teaching Portfolio
    • Develop and maintain a teaching portfolio, teaching philosophy, and evaluation strategy