The Aggie Public Health Ambassadors (APHAs) are a group of undergraduate students who model healthy behavior, educate people about campus protocols, and encourage everyone to make healthy choices to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. The key tenets of the APHA program are: community building, education, and encouragement. 

While the past year has been devoted mainly to COVID-19 education, the APHAs have an overarching passion for spreading public health education, building connections with others, and keeping their campus community safe. 

Internship Credit

The APHAs are continuously trained on emerging public health evidence and corresponding changes in UC Davis and Davis community public health policies. With this training, APHAs have the option to enroll in SPH 92/192: Internship in Community Health for 1-unit of course credit per quarter. These units can be applied to the Public Health Minor. 

Contact Information

To contact the Aggie Public Health Ambassador team, please email