Ping Zhou, Ph.D.

Ping Zhou, Ph.D.


Stem Cell Biology

Regenerative Medicine


Internal Medicine


  • Assistant Adjunct Professor


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Research/Academic Interests

Dr. Zhou's research focuses on stem cells and their applications for regenerative medicine, with special emphasis on deriving hepatocytes, endothelial cells and other cell types from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) to create innovative treatment of  liver disease, vascular diseases and hemophilia. Efforts have also been made to understanding the mechanisms that regulate cell lineage commitment during the differentiation of  hESCs or hiPSCs to different cell types. Generation of vascularized organoids from hESCs or hiPSCs for transplantation or drug screening is another area of Dr. Zhou's research. 


Hematology and Oncology

Center/Program Affiliation

Stem Cell Research Program


Ph.D., Molecular Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL 1999

B.S., Chongqing University of Medical Sciences, Chongqing/Sichuan, China 1985

Professional Memberships

International Society for Stem Cell Research

Honors and Awards

Innovative Development Award, University of California Davis, 2012, 2018

Travel Grant, American Society of Hematology, 2008

Select Recent Publications

Gao K, Kumar P, Cortez-Toledo E, Hao D, Reynaga L, Rose M, Wang C, Farmer D, Nolta J, Zhou J, Zhou P*, Wang A*. Potential long-term treatment of hemophilia A by neonatal co-transplantation of cord blood-derived endothelial colony-forming cells and placental mesenchymal stromal cells. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2019;10:34. PMID:30670078

Cortez-Toledo E, Rose M, Agu E, Dahlenburg H, Yao W, Nolta JA, Zhou P*. Enhancing retention of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells with prosurvival factors promotes angiogenesis in a mouse model of limb ischemia. Stem Cell Dev. 2019;28(2):114-119. PMID: 30398391

Pham MT, Pollock KM, Rose MD, Cary WA, Stewart HR, Zhou P, Nolta JA, Waldau B. Generation of human vascularized brained organoids. Neuroreport. 2018;29(7):588-593. PMID: 29570159

Harding A, Cortez-Toledo E, Magner NL, Beegle JR, Coleal-Bergum DP, Hao D, Wang A, Nolta JA, Zhou P*, Highly efficient differentiation of endothelial cells from pluripotent stem cells requires the MAPK and the PI3K pathways. Stem Cells. 2017;35 (4):909-919. PMID: 28248004

Beegle J, Magner NM, Kalomoiris S, Harding A, Zhou P, Nacey C, White JL, Pepper K, Gruenloh W, Annett G, Nolta J, Fierro F, “Preclinical evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells over-expressing VEGF to treat critical limb ischemia”. Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development. 2016;3:16053. PMID: 27610394

Chen J, Gao W, Zhou P, Ma X, Tschudy-Seney B, Liu C, Zern MA, Liu P, Duan Y. Enhancement of hepatocyte differentiation from human embryonic stem cells by Chinese medicine Fuzhenghuayu. Scientific Reports. 2015;6:18841. PMID: 26733102

Gao W, Zhou P*, Ma X, Tschudy-Seney B, Chen J, Magner NL, Revzin A, Nolta JA, Zern MA, Duan Y*, Ethanol negatively regulates hepatic differentiation of hESC by inhibition of the MAPK/ERK signaling pathway in vitro. PLoS One. 2014;9(11):e112698. PMID: 25393427

Magner P, Jung Y, Wu J, Nolta JA, Zern MA, Zhou P*. Insulin and IGFs enhance hepatocyte differentiation from human embryonic stem cells via the PI3K/AKT pathway. Stem Cells. 2013;31(10):2095-2103. 

Guan M, Yao W, Liu R, Lam KS, Nolta J, Jia J, Panganiban B, Meng L, Zhou P, Shahnazari M, Ritchie RO, Lane NE. Directing mesenchymal stem cells to bone to augment bone formation and increase bone mass. Nat. Med. 2012;18(3):456-462.

Zhou P, Lessa N, Estrada DC, Severson EB, Lingala S, Zern MA, Nolta JA, Wu J. Decellularized liver matrix as a carrier for the transplantation of human fetal and primary hepatocytes in mice. Liver Transpl. 2011;17(4):418-427.