Volunteering and Giving at UC Davis Health

Volunteering and Giving Opportunities

UC Davis Health is a special place, in part, because of the many volunteers and donors who support our staff and services in a variety of ways.

  • Volunteers

    Volunteers, wearing yellow polo shirts, may assist you with your needs. For example, Volunteer Ambassadors may greet you at entrances and assist you with wayfinding in hospitals and clinics.

    If you or someone you know would like to volunteer time to the hospital, please call 916‑734‑2401.

    To volunteer for the Hospice Program, please call 916‑734‑2458.

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  • Charitable Contributions

    Contributions from patients, family members and friends play an important role in supporting medical research and education at UC Davis. Gifts to UC Davis Medical Center or to UC Davis Health are generally tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Members of our staff will be pleased to discuss ways in which to make donations or create endowments. For more information, please call 916‑734‑9400.

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  • Blood Donations

    The American Red Cross is the official blood supplier of UC Davis Health and all other UC hospital campuses. Your donation helps ensure that blood products are available for the nearly 6,000 patients who receive life-saving transfusions at UC Davis Health each year.

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  • Organ and Tissue Donations

    Sierra Donor Services (formerly Golden State Donor Services/Sierra Eye and Tissue Donor Services) is the nonprofit, federally designated transplant donor network serving the Sacramento region and parts of Northern California and Nevada. The program coordinates the recovery of organs, eye tissues and other tissues for transplants, treatments and research purposes. For more information, call 916‑567‑1600.

    The UC Davis Body Donation Program provides anatomical materials for UC Davis medical and undergraduate classes, and also provides materials for other area colleges and universities and for UC and non-UC researchers as donations allow. For more information, call 916‑734‑9560.