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Commitment to Quality and Safety

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Earning Your Trust

Thank you for trusting us with your health care. We’re proud to offer you and your loved ones the expertise, resources and innovation of our region’s only nationally ranked academic health center.

We believe the center of the health care team is not a primary care physician, medical specialist, hospital internist or nurse — it is you, the patient.

Measured Against Strict Standards

Few personal decisions seem as important as finding quality health care that you can be confident in and comfortable with.

UC Davis Health makes an extraordinary commitment to providing safe, high-quality care. We are measured against strict standards. We do well in ratings by a wide range of groups, such as government agencies, nonprofit groups, industry groups and the news media.

Addressing Major Health Challenges

As an academic health center, we undergo this scrutiny while:

  • Treating the most serious, complex and rare cases
  • Creating medical breakthroughs and pioneering new treatments
  • Sharing health advances with other care providers
  • Helping to improve care in other hospitals
  • Increasing access to convenient, culturally sensitive care for underserved populations  
  • Working to highlight and address outside factors that affect health, such as access to job opportunities, stable housing, healthy food and clean air
  • Educating the next generation of health professionals and leaders  
  • Leading efforts to transform and improve the delivery of care

UC Davis Health conducts surveys and studies to gauge performance and identify ways to improve. Our staff members also encourage patients to “speak up” at any time with questions and concerns. 

However, please contact us if you have concerns about your care or safety here that are not addressed to your satisfaction. Our Patient Relations department is available to listen and help at 916-734-9777 or 800-305-6540.