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Health Plan Grievances and Appeals

Contacts for Concerns About Claims, Authorizations, etc.

If you are concerned about a decision your health insurance plan has made about your care, you may wish to pursue an appeal or grievance with your insurance plan.

For example:

  • You may not agree with the results of a preauthorization decision. This is when your health plan decides up front about whether a type of care will be covered. You may wish to ask the plan to review their decision again.
  • You may not agree with a denied payment claim. This is where your health plan will not cover part or all of your medical bill.
  • You may be concerned about how long your plan is taking to make important decisions about your care.

The Member grievances and appeals support for health plans chart (PDF) contains a list of health plans whose members (patients) may receive care from UC Davis Health. For each plan, there is a web page, phone number, or mailing address that the plan has provided about how to pursue appeals or grievances.

Important: The websites, phone numbers and mailing addresses on the list are set up and run by the health insurance plans themselves. They are not set up or run by UC Davis Health.

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