A clinical instructor is paired with 6 to 10 students in patient care area(s) for 5 to 12 hours, 1 to 2 days a week.

Important dates to remember

2-6 months prior to the start of clinical:

  1. Room Reservation both Pre/Post Conference and EMR Training

30 days prior to the start of clinical:

  1. If your school has not already submitted Batch EMR Access Excel Worksheet, please submit and allow 3 to 4 weeks for the Pyxis and eHR access form to be processed
  2. Submission of the following documents:

2 weeks prior to the start of clinical:

  1. Submission of the following documents:
    • Names of Students
    • Faculty/student information
    • Clinical Rotation Schedules
    • Course Objectives
    • Skills Lists
  2. Clinical faculty will meet with the nurse manager or unit designee to review the following topics:
    • Student learning objectives
    • Projected clinical grids (student unit assignments with dates)
    • New equipment or unit changes
    • Unit preferences for clinical prep time
    • Communication and/or issue resolution
    • Unit Improvement Initiatives
    • Feedback from previous clinical rotations
  3. Confirm that all students have fulfilled the requirements outlined in the School Affiliation Agreement and Attestation Letter. Schools are responsible for maintaining the following required documentation for students & faculty, available within two hours by request:
    • Mandatory Annual Training
    • Student / Faculty Name Badge
    • Medical Clearance
    • Tuberculosis clearance/screening
    • HIPAA - Privacy and Security Training
    • Documentation of core competency training for faculty & students
    • Background Checks
    • Drug Screening
    • Immunization Records
    • Current CPR Certification 
    • Proof of health insurance
    • Proof of liability insurance
  4. Completion of Fit Testing and PAPR Training
  5. Contact Daniel Aquino to schedule a New Faculty orientation session if you have never had students at UC Davis Medical Center or if it has been more than 1 year since you last taught at UC Davis Medical Center (this orientation is also required for current UC Davis Health employees who are new faculty). 
  6. Complete the required unit orientation checklist for students and new instructors. Send a copy of the Unit Orientation Checklist for Faculty and Instructor’s Unit Orientation Checklist for Nursing Students to your School of Nursing Placement Coordinator and hs-schoolliaison@ucdavis.edu.
  7. Clinical/preceptor faculty is responsible to orient students to the UC Davis Health eHR documentation and any needed updates. If the clinical faculty is unfamiliar with UC Davis Health eHR, please contact the CPPN school liaison to register for a UC Davis Health eHR class.

If you have a questions or concerns, please call (916) 734-9790 or e-mail the CPPN school liaison at hs-schoolliaison@ucdavis.edu.