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    Data Management Committee (DMC)

The Data Management Committee (DMC) is the Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC) subcommittee responsible for developing best practices for curation, validation, and management of enterprise data assets, including documentation in the searchable data asset catalog.  The DMC peer review process is currently in development and is intended to ensure that key, north-star metrics and data assets have appropriate definitions, owners, stakeholders, validation, and assigned trust levels.
The DMC strives to increase organizational proficiency in data understanding, analysis, and interpretation germane to the goal of world domination in data and analytics.
Speaking of Trust Levels
Establishing the trust level framework creates a common understanding at UC Davis Health regarding the quality, accuracy, and reliability of the data asset (metric, report, dashboard, score) being used, and ensures that consumers of data understand the validity and trustworthiness of the data and metrics they consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

UC Davis Health staff can access the DMC best practices guides and related tools and templates from the Data Management Committee (DMC) SharePoint site.  In addition to the Data Provisioning Best Practices Guide (DPBPG) which covers data curation, provisioning, and validation, the DMC has created the Data Governance Best Practices Guide (DGBPG) specifically covering data asset ownership, key stakeholders, and documentation standards.

If you are outside of UC Davis Health or unable to access the document, please contact the HDOC Program team for assistance.

The Data Management Committee is currently developing their Peer Review Process for enterprise-wide metrics.  The three-stage process is being piloted within the organization and currently focused on north-star metrics being widely used for key decision making.  As the process is finalized, more information will be available.  For updates, please contact the HDOC Program team to be added to the HDOC distribution list.

The Data Management Committee (DMC) is charged with creating best practices and tools related to validation and characterization of data. These guides and tools establish a common framework for understanding the quality of data being used for reporting, dashboards and critical decision-making. Additionally, these resources aim to improve organizational proficiency in data understanding, analysis, and interpretation.  

As new advanced analytics, data science, and digital solutions are implemented at the health system, it is imperative to have confidence in the outcomes, which rely on the underlying data.

Trust levels (TL) are at the core of characterizing data metrics and other data assets at UC Davis Health.  Ranging from TL1 to TL4, metrics, groupers, dashboards, and other data assets can be viewed as low trust to highly reliable (see graphic).  A quick report exploring rough numbers may only need to be trust level 1, however a dashboard providing insights for critical business decisions will likely require trust level 4 data.  As assets are certified from the peer review process, analysts and leadership will begin to see trust level ratings on dashboards and reports.

Trust Level Graphic

The enterprise-wide searchable data catalog, Collibra (Staff Only), is the central repository for various categories of data assets including metrics, groupers, sources, reports and more.  The metadata in Collibra includes detailed definitions, asset owners, trust levels, validation details, and much more.  Collibra is managed by the Data Provisioning Core's Data Curation Team within the IT Data Center of Excellence

Several tools and templates have been created to assist analysts, informaticists, data stewards, and others when developing data assets at UC Davis Health including: