Our team provides a variety of services for clinicians, faculty, and staff to access and work with UC Davis Health data.

If you think you know what data you need and you are part of UC Davis Health, please review the options below.  If the services listed do not provide the options you need, or you're unsure if the data you need are available and accessible, please request a consult from one of our data management experts. 

Reports, Dashboards, and Data Extracts

Requested by any UC Davis Health employee involved in patient care or health system operations, including nurses working on QI, Laboratory staff, Researchers, Finance, Clinical Operations, Quality and Safety, and IT Epic Applications teams.

  • There are several data sources and reporting tools that can be used to fulfill a report/dashboard/data extract request. It is important to determine the requirements for each request as it relates to scope of data, format, workflow in which the report/dashboard/extract will be used, and how often it will be run. 
  • Reports can be delivered in the Epic EMR via Reporting Workbench (MyReports) and Radar Dashboards or outside the EMR in tools such as Tableau, Crystal Reports, OneDrive, and Web Intelligence (WebI). They can be scheduled to run at regular frequencies and sent to end-users via shared folders.
  • We have a small team compared to the many requests we get every week; please allow time for your request to be fulfilled. If you are interested, you can review the queue of requests here

The quickest way to obtain a report or dashboard is to look in the UC Davis Health Analytics Catalog “Collibra” to see if something already exists or can be easily modified to meet your needs.

Another option to help you get access to reports that have been created is to look at Epic’s Report Repository. Reports in this area of the UserWeb have been created by Epic as standard content that are likely good starting places to configure and implement the reports and dashboards. These do require some work for us to implement but are much easier than starting from scratch.

Here is a ServiceNow Report Request Tip Sheet

Access to Clinical Data Sources

Technical analysts can request access to existing clinical data sources like Clarity or Caboodle.  In accordance with UC Davis Health policy, analysts will typically be granted access with appropriate level of training with the source systems to which they are requesting access, and programming skills to query and retrieve the data. 

  • Access to existing clinical data sources like Clarity, Caboodle is granted based on the user role, departmental approval, and Epic certification or proficiency

Request a Consultation

Our team supports multiple ongoing, longitudinal efforts encompassing quality of care, clinical effectiveness, research, and education. Some examples of how our analytic resource management/data management experts can provide assistance include:

  • Creating new metrics or population definitions
  • Developing a clinical registry
  • Directing you to the data of interest
  • Consulting on data management best practices
  • Providing storage and compute environments

If you're unsure if the data you need are available or you're unclear about the best way to gain access, please request a consult from one of our data management experts, who are here to help ensure you have access to the right data, at the right time, in the right format to inform and guide the work that you do.

Training and Access to Tools