Given the rapid evolution and growth in the use of health data to fulfill the clinical, research, and educational missions of Learning Health Systems, it is imperative that we establish strong, sustainable oversight of data use. Toward this end, Dr. David Lubarsky has commissioned the UCDH Health Data Oversight Program, and the associated Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC), which represents key strategic stakeholders across UCDH’s multiple missions.

The Health Data Oversight Program creates a sustainable data oversight structure including, where necessary, modification to policies and procedures required to optimize the efficient, reproducible, and ethical use of health data at UCDH. The Health Data Oversight Program is expected to address multiple foundational areas germane to the use of data at UCDH, including but not limited to:

  • Resource allocation and request prioritization
  • Cataloguing of health data assets and acquisition of new data sources
  • Master/metadata data management and the development of informatics best practices
  • Support of computing resources for analytics
  • Guide the use of AI/ML for clinical and clinical research implementation
  • Data sharing with both academic and industry partners

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