Responsible sharing of health data with academic institutions, industry partners and government agencies is key to healthcare innovation, leading to improvements in patient care, public health, research, and translation of discoveries to the bedside. Despite these potential benefits, there are significant risks when sharing data without appropriate oversight including patient privacy, legal compliance, financial exposure, and institutional reputation.


The Data Sharing Committee (DSC) is charged with overseeing the responsible and appropriate sharing of UCDH enterprise-wide health data. The DSC will delineate institutional best practices, standard operating procedures, and policies related to external data sharing, with academic and non-academic partners, and evaluate both the legal aspects (“can we”) and the risk/moral/ethical aspects (“should we”) of data sharing. 


Like other HDOC subcommittees, the DSC is also charged with the development of sustainable workflows related to request intakerisk scoring, evaluation, and approval/denial to ensure the proper protection/use of sharing UCDH health data.


Key oversight functions of the DSC include:

  • Provide institutional guidance regarding the implications of selected UCDH data sharing initiatives, including strategic, ethical, legal, reputational, and societal implications
  • Standardization of institution-wide data sharing practices
  • In accordance with the policies of UCDH and the University of California Office of the President, oversee the management of external data sharing with both academic and industry partners, including approval/denial of requests to share data outside of UC Davis Health